Thrust Vector Control successful test

Thrust Vector Control – TVC, is one of two control systems of the PERUN rocket. TVC system allows to control the direction of the thrust vector of the main hybrid rocket engine, what enables control over rocket’s attitude. In result the rocket can follow a predefined, optimal trajectory and counteract disturbances like wind gusts. Trajectory control has a number of benefits – first of all, it decreases the landing point dispersion, increases safety, decreases forces acting on the fuselage and increases overall performance.

After successful tests of the mechanical part in small scale test of SF Test engine, and in full scale test of SF1000 engine, time has come to flight-test the guidance algorithms. For this purpose, we have built a small rocket – BIGOS 6, which has made its first flight on August 26th. The goal of this test was to bring the rocket to a vertical orientation after launching from a tilted launch tower. The test was successful.

Next flight-test coming soon.

Thrust Vector Control test on Bigos 6 rocket