Automated Filter Tuning System

The Automatic Filter Tuning System, designed and built by SpaceForest is a fully-fledged robotic station ensuring improved efficiency and precision while reducing tuning time.

System elements

SpaceForest's filter tuning system elements infographic.

Filter Tuning Robot Manipulator (FTM)

The Filter Tuning Manipulator is a Cartesian coordinate robot able to handle up to 4 different tunning heads. Making it a perfect choice for filters equipped with more than one type of tuning element. FTM replacing SCARA robot is more cost-effective, providing the same precision & emulating manual tuning.


Intelligent & fully-automated machine (IAFTT) capable of setting filter/diplexer characteristics automatically, up to 60 tuning elements simultaneously, used for filters with self-locking screws. 

Keysight Technologies logo.

Cooperation with Keysight resulted in FTS compatibility with all types of VNAs like ENA, PNA, and Handheld FieldFox – a portable analyzer. FTS is also interoperable with other VNAs by Copper Mountain Technologies, Tektronix, Rohde-Schwarz, and others.