We have been breaking barriers, proving that ideas previously considered impossible become feasible.

SpaceForest develops and commercializes innovative solutions specializing in microwave techniques, artificial intelligence, advanced electronics, and rocket technologies.

We provide a wide range of services in the field of design and prototyping of microwave equipment, precision mechanics, and electronics, as well as launching experiments onboard internally developed experimental rockets. A highly educated, experienced, and ambitious team of employees is the most valuable asset of our company.

SpaceForest implements internally developed technologies including Wireless Sensor Networks applied in aerospace systems, autonomous tracking, and communication system for flying vehicles, or Filter Tuning Software (FTS) dedicated to the microwave cavity filters postproduction tuning.

Cooperation with ESA lead to developing low-noise high-frequency generators, solid-state power amplifiers, and provision of an internally developed testing environment for the onboard data collecting system of the ESA’s JUICE mission.

We offer machining services (CNC) in various types of materials such as steel, aluminum, or composite materials. We specialize in designing and manufacturing precision electronic enclosures for the space industry as well as composite tubes and nozzles for rockets.


New headquarters

After several years of renting office space, we moved to our own headquarters. The larger space allows us to increase our production capabilities, build a clean-room for space production and provide a suitable workshop for the construction of the PERUN suborbital rocket.

SpaceForest's milestone new headquarters on the sunset background.
SpaceForest's milestone Master Local Oscillator photo.
MLO achieves TRL 7

Achievement of TRL 7 in Master Local Oscillator project for ESA, which main objective was to design, test and qualify the medium power dual redundant master signal source to supply the reference signal of many frequency converters for satellite transmission applications.

1 Ma

Successful test flight of the full-size suborbital rocket demonstrator PERUN at the military training area in Drawsko Pomorskie in Poland. PERUN launched reached 1 Ma velocity and an altitude of 9750 m.

SpaceForest's milestone Perun rocket launch at night.
SpaceForest's milestone SF 1000 engine test.

Start of the SIR project which purpose is to build a guided single-stage, fully recoverable suborbital launch vehicle powered by hybrid rocket engine based on ecological propellants, designed to launch a load of 50 kg to an altitude of at least 100 km and provide microgravity conditions for several minutes.

CLOG achieves TRL 7

“CLOG”, Ultra-Low Phase Noise Frequency Generator, achieves TRL 7 in the ESA project: “Development and qualification of frequency generators”. This level requires system prototype demonstration in operational environment.

SpaceForest's milestone CLOG Ultra-Low Phase Noise Frequency Generator photo.
SpaceForest's milestone FTS development robot photo.
FTS development

Implementation of automatic tuning stations. Robots equipped with special tuning heads and controlled by Filter Tuning Software automate the tuning process in mass production.


SpaceForest started cooperation with the European Space Agency in 2015, three years after Poland joined ESA. The first project carried out in cooperation with ESA was PLDRO on developing key technologies for frequency generators. The project’s solution “CLOG” achieved Technology Readiness Level 4 (out of 9).

SpaceForest's milestone ESA logo.
SpaceForest's milestone DEWI project logo.

Joining DEWI project in which we have developed an autonomous tracking and communication system for flying vehicles and a wireless sensor network system, thanks to which we have significantly reduced the mass of the rocket by reducing the number of connection cables. The research rocket department has been opened in SpaceForest.

SpaceForest's milestone company logo.

Change of the company’s activity profile towards advanced research and development in order to create innovative technological solutions for the space industry.
The company changes its name to SpaceForest.

ISO certificate

Our quality management system and environmental management has received ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certificate. Since 2006, we have been constantly improving our quality system and continually renewing the certificates.

SpaceForest's milestone ISO certificate logo.
SpaceForest's milestone Filter Tuning Solutions logo.

The first version of Filter Tuning Software for the telecommunication industry was developed. FTS allows for precise tuning of microwave filters in a post- production phase, even for a tuning operator with limited experience.

Telemobile Electronics

The history of our company goes back to 2004 when Telemobile Electronics was founded. At the beginning of its activity, the company dealt with post-warranty servicing of telecommunications devices, in particular GSM transceivers.

SpaceForest's milestone Telemobile printed circuit board.