PERUN is the ideal choice for suborbital space flights. PERUN is a single stage guided suborbital launch vehicle powered by a hybrid rocket engine. Designed to provide high performance at a very low cost of operation.

Payload capacity



50 kg


5 min

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Technical Overview



Lift-off weight

11.5 m

0.45 m

970 kg


  • Controlled flight path

  • Trajectory accurate determination

  • Low ascent accelerations

  • Controlled re-entry orientation

  • Simple preparations and transportation

  • Simple pre-launch operations

  • Late payload access

PERUN standard flight profile


SpaceForest is one of the pioneers globally utilizing green propellants for its hybrid rocket engines.

Payload modules

SpaceForest offers three different payload modules (PM) to accomade different payload volumes. The PM will be provided to the customer to mount their payload and send it back to SpaceForest for integration before flight. Payloads can be sent directly to SF to handle the mounting and integration as well.

Allowable payload specs. PM-1 PM-2 PM-3
Height (mm) 200 350 450
Diameter (mm) 377 377 377
Weight (kg) 12.5 17.5 25


The recovery system of PERUN is one of the main subsystems that guarantee the successful operation of the project. Following the reusability concept, the rocket is to be guided back using controlled parachutes to land within the predetermined landing zone.


The autonomous tracking and data exchange system RASEL allows for reliable, long-distance communication with a rocket and continuous monitoring of the vehicle and payload parameters.

The position of the rocket is continuously transmitted to the flight control center to ensure flight safety and quick recovery after landing.

The communication system will be also used to download or upload data from the payload in real-time.

Transporter Erector Launcher

With focusing our engineering efforts to reduce the launch costs we developed the Transporter Erector Launcher TEL to offer mobility and availability to launch from various space ports around the world.

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