Perun is designed to be ideal for providing high performance and reliability at low cost for suborbital space users. Perun will be a single-stage guided suborbital launch vehicle; it will be flight proven in 2019 and will be active to serve the market starting in 2020.




Payload capacity

Vehicle Reusability

Turnaround time

50 kg

4-5 times/rocket

36 hrs


Technical Overview



Lift-off weight

10 m

0.45 m

950 kg




  • Controlled flight path

  • Trajectory profile determination

  • Controlled ascent accelerations

  • Controlled descent and re-entry orientation

  • Simple on-pad preparations, access and transportation

  • Fast payload integration


MICRO-G enviroment researches


SpaceForest is one of the pionners globally utilizing green propellants for its hybrid rocket engines


Burn time                        Acceleration            Time of microgravity offered


40 sec                                <5                                            4+ sec



Payload modules



SF offers three different payload bays, each will be provided to the customer to attach the payload and send it back to SF for integration before flight.

Allowable payload specs. PM-1 PM-2 PM-3
Height (mm) 200 350 450
Diameter (mm) 400 400 400
Weight (kg) 12.5 17.5 25
Access door 2 2 3
Access to space No No Yes
Ejection to space No No Yes





Launch sites

Esrange Space Center and Andoya Space Center are both working in cooperation with SF for the preparations and launch of Perun. The launch campaign is coordinated with either launch site based on customers’ preferences and is completely carried on by SF.