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Portable X-Band Synthetic Aperture Radar

HUSSAR - photo and logo of the portable sar radar by spaceforest

HUSSAR portable X-band radar (SAR – Synthetic Aperture Radar), which can be attached to an unmanned aircraft, allows terrain scanning and motion detection using electromagnetic waves​ with a resolution of up to 15 cm. ​

Radar is a valuable tool for monitoring security areas, especially critical areas such as national borders, where it is used by border guards, police and military personnel. Its effectiveness is increased by the ability to operate regardless of weather conditions and time of day, thanks to the capabilities of systems such as HUSSAR (X-band SAR). This ensures continuous surveillance, day and night, providing critical support to security operations.

One of the key advantages of radar technology in such contexts is its ability to detect and track suspicious or unauthorized drones and vehicles, strengthening security measures and enabling rapid responses to potential threats. In addition to security applications, radar is widely used in cartography, surveying and land mapping, where it helps precisely delineate and understand geographic features and landscapes, contributing to fields ranging from urban planning to environmental monitoring.

Check the diagram how HUSSAR works, learn about its key functional features and technical parameters that distinguish it from other radars (SAR)

HUSSAR radar operation diagram and functional parameters
Frequency range ​9 ​11 ​GHz ​
Antenna polarization ​V/V ​
Range (radar to target) ​150 ​10000* ​m ​
Max altidude ​5000 ​m ​
Finest range resolution ​30 ​15 ​cm ​
Finest range cross-resolution ​30 ​cm ​
Elevation angle of the beam ​25 ​65​° ​
Supply voltage ​36 ​52 ​V ​
Supply power ​180 ​W ​
Antenna stabilization in azimuth (mechanical) ​-20 ​20 ​° ​
Weight ​10 ​kg ​
Temeperature range ​-10 ​50 ​°C ​
Dimension (LxWxH) ​120 x 20 x 20 ​cm ​
Digital control interface ​Ethernet ​
Data storage interface ​USB ​
Housing material ​Kevlar-reinforced composite ​
Image / video stream files extension ​JPEG / MPEG ​
Mechanical mounting interface ​Customizable according to client requirements ​
Operation modes ​Stripmap, Spotlight, GMTI ​
*in good weather conditions / specifications subject to change without notice

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Examples of terrain imaging using the HUSSAR

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