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Filter Tuning Software FTS is a powerful computer-aided tuning software suite based on artificial intelligence algorithms (AI) and novel computational methods, used for post-production tuning of various types of filters.

It allows for precise tuning of microwave filters in a post-production phase, even for a tuning operator with limited experience.

Who is it for?

Our business partners use the FTS for tuning devices in:

  • Satellite Telecommunication: e.g. filters for satellites in the range from the S (2 GHz) band to the Ka band(40 GHz)
  • Cellular networks: telecommunication filters (GSM, DCS UMTS, LTE, 5G)
  • Terrestrial microwave links: microwave links filters (5 GHz – 38 GHz)
  • Broadcasting: filters for digital television DVB-T (400 – 800 MHz)
  • Defense: e.g. radars

 Do you deal with filters in any of the following areas? 

  • all types of cavity filters
  • multiplexers of great complexity
  • high power filters 
  • wireless telecommunication filters 
  • high frequency single and multimode filters 

If the answer is YES, the FTS is the solution for you

Visualization of SpaceForest's Filter Tuning Software.

How it works?

Using AI algorithms FTS allows for precise tuning of microwave filters even for a tuning operator with limited experience. The software prompts the operator which screw to turn by how much. Anyone after a short training can tune filters like an expert. FTS can be operated manually using a screwdriver, PC, and VNA, or using a fully automatic filter tuning station.

What are the benefits?

  • One software applicable to all types of filters
  • Reduction of training time and labor cost
  • No expert skills needed to tune filters
  • User friendly interface
  • Minimizes risks and costs of human errors
  • Assists in identifying filter design faults
  • Capable of tuning complex filters/multiplexers
Keysight Technologies logo.

Cooperation with Keysight resulted in FTS compatibility with all types of VNAs like ENA, PNA, and Handheld FieldFox – a portable analyzer. FTS is also interoperable with other VNAs by Copper Mountain Technologies, Tektronix, Rohde-Schwarz, and others. 

There are many types of filters used in many applications and there is ONE tool to tune them ALL
SpaceForest's Filter Tuning Software logo.


FTS can be integrated with automatic tuning stations dedicated to serial production or working in a restricted access environment, e.g. clean-room. Since one operator can control several stations, the overall cost of tuning is significantly reduced.

Intelligent & fully-automated machine (IAFTT) capable of setting filter/diplexer characteristics automatically, up to 60 tuning elements simultaneously, used for filters with self-locking screws. 


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