Second Thrust Vector Control successful test

Last week we tested the performance of the Thrust Vector Control (TVC) system, improved after the first flight conducted in August this year. The task of the 10-degree deflected BIGOS 6 rocket was to align for vertical flight, which was achieved immediately after leaving the launch pad. Further test flights of the TVC control are planned later in 2022.

Thrust Vector Control – TVC, is one of two control systems for the PERUN rocket, designed to lift 50kg payloads to altitudes of up to 150km. TVC allows to control the direction of the thrust vector of the main hybrid rocket engine, what enables control over rocket’s attitude. In result the rocket can follow a predefined, optimal trajectory and counteract disturbances like wind gusts. Trajectory control decreases the landing point dispersion, increases safety, decreases forces acting on the fuselage and increases overall performance.

Thrust Vector Control test on Bigos 6 rocket