Push-Push Oscillator

The frequency stability of the signal generated in an oscillator directly affects the quality of satellite transmission. Low phase noise is one of the most important parameters determining the quality class of frequency generators.

We have just completed an 8-month project with European Space Agency – ESA.
The project aimed to verify the possibility of implementing a high frequency, low phase noise oscillator based on the push-push principle of operation and space-qualified packaged transistors to improve the phase noise performance.

All project goals were successfully achieved with the designed and manufactured implementation of a Push-Push Oscillator (PPO). The outcomes of the project are two fully operational breadboards of single-ended (5.9 GHz) and push-push (11.8 GHz) dielectric resonator oscillators based on the BFY650 transistor. The designed PPO shows outstanding performance in the extreme temperature range (-40°C up to 80°C) and fulfills requirements to operate at high frequencies. Particularly, it can be used in Dual Redundant Master Signal Source (DRMSS) or Phase Locked Dielectric Resonator Oscillator (PLDRO) devices to obtain superior phase noise performance.