Multitasking Filament Winder

September 2021 – ongoing

In the currently ongoing project, SpaceForest develops new technology for the automated production of composite components.

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The project “Development of a new technology for the automated production of composite components” is co-financed by the National Center for Research and Development under the competition 1 / 1.1.1 / 2021 Measure 1.1 “R&D projects of enterprises”, Sub-measure 1.1.1 “Industrial research and development works carried out by enterprises”.

The project aims to obtain the ability to manufacture composite components with rotational symmetry, including large-size pressure vessels and rocket bodies, as well as ablative nozzles and rocket engine combustion chambers. The developed technologies, in addition to satisfying the company’s own production needs, will allow for the extension of SpaceForest’s portfolio of custom-made production services for the aviation, space, defense, and yachting industries.

agreement no. POIR.01.01.01-00-0498 / 21

The net value of the project: PLN 6 114 312.51

The net subsidy amount: PLN 4 439 790.35

Project start: September 2021

Planned completion of the project: December 2023