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HUSSAR – Portable X-band Radar (SAR) – now available, get to know our product 

We proudly present a unique, portable SAR (Synthetic Aperture Radar) radar – HUSSAR! This advanced radar system brings new standards in terrain scanning and motion detection. Thanks to its exceptional range and precision, HUSSAR is becoming a key tool for a variety of applications, from border monitoring and rescue operations to scientific research. 

Photo of the HUSSAR by SpaceForest radar, made using SAR technology

Mobility and ease of use 

The compact design makes the radar easy to carry and operate. The intuitive interface allows you to quickly launch and access functions. 

High spatial resolution 

Obtain images with extremely high resolution, detecting details on the ground. 

Independence from weather conditions 

Work in rain, fog or at night, maintaining the same image quality. 

Length Camera Synthesis (SAR) 

Use advanced mathematics to obtain precise and cumulative long antenna effects. 

Speed of data processing 

Instant processing of large amounts of data, enabling you to obtain current information in real time. 

Monitoring movement and terrain deformation 

The ability to detect subtle changes in the terrain, including object movement and terrain deformations. 

Military and defense

Precisely detect targets and their movements, monitor terrain, borders and conduct reconnaissance activities, regardless of weather conditions.


Monitor climate change, topography and the natural environment with excellent resolution.

Exploration of the area

Gain insight into hard-to-reach areas, identify environmental hazards and topographic changes.

Search and rescue

Use mobility to quickly respond to crisis situations and search for missing people.

Infrastructure Monitoring

Assess the condition of roads, bridges and other infrastructure facilities in real time.

Hussar radar logo

Discover our state-of-the-art HUSSAR radar, equipped with top-class SAR (synthetic aperture radar) technology. Get to know unique functions, open to cooperation by purchasing or renting a radar or the entire system (radar + application). 

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