In the beginning of 2014 Experimental Rockets Department was established in close relation  to the SpaceForest’s  participation in DEWI international project.

One of the tasks within the project was to develop and carry out tests onboard of an experimental rocket in flight – a Wireless Sensor Network for aeronautic use. Building a professional experimental rocket was both a challenge and a chance to indulge our rocketry passion.  During the project, a series of experimental rockets were built. A campaign of flights was conducted, with the purpose of testing distinct subsystems, developed both by SpaceForest and our project partners.

DEWI project was completed at the end of 2016. CANDLE2 rocket successfully tested the prototype of a wireless sensor network and ground station communication systems. This experience gave us the base for commercial services of launching experiments onboard our experimental rockets. Due to legal and technical constraints we can currently offer launching payloads of a few kilograms up to 15 kilometers of altitude.

Depending on the experiment requirements, its size, shape and other parameters, we can offer a proper rocket launch, with the adjustment of flight parameters, conducted integration and a safe launch.

Our wireless sensor network for measurements during testing can be used to establish a data link between a ground station and a rocket. All rockets are equipped with reliable recovery systems allowing for a safe parachute descend. They are also equipped with localization devices to recover a rocket after landing. Currently we are improving guidance systems, which will soon enable flights with programed trajectory.

Our services have already been used by Polish universities including Warsaw University of Technology and Gdansk University of Technology, as well as student organizations and advertising agencies.