SpaceForest manufactured MW couplers for European Spallation Source

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European Spallation Source - couplers manufactured by SpaceForest
Couplers manufactured by SpaceForest for European Spallation Source


SpaceForest successfully accomplished the next phase of project for European Spallation Source by manufacturing 61 state of the art microwave couplers.

Warsaw University of Technology, the main designer of the radio frequency subsystem, had chosen our company to develop the microwave couplers.

The devices had to meet stringent requirements at 352.21 MHz and 704.42 MHz for synchronization path of the ESS linear accelerator.

The couplers were designed to work with high continuous power of radio signals, radiation resistance and tightness.

european spallation source


The ESS is expected to go into operation in 2019. It will become the world’s largest spallation source of neutrons.

Controlled beam of neutrons will be used in research on new materials, i.e., for medicine or aerospace.