In the currently ongoing project for European Space Agency, SpaceForest designs a low cost highly integrated solid state power amplifier for X-Band.


X-Band is the typical frequency band used for downlink transmitters in earth observation missions.

The X-Band SSPA will meet stringent requirements, such as: high and very stable output power level in wide temperature range, very high power added efficiency (PAE) etc., while surviving 7 years on a low earth orbit (LEO), filling the market niche of “new space” solutions for modern satellites. These assumptions allow to significantly decrease the price of X-Band SSPA and improve its competitiveness.

In December 2019 the first project of the X-Band SSPA finished with the Technology Readiness Level (TRL) 5. The lifetime of the continuation project should be 2 years, leading to development of a full Engineering Qualified Model (EQM) at TRL 7. The main partner in the project is TESAT SPACECOM GMBH from Backnang/Germany.

The target application are downstream transmitters for e.g. earth observation satellite constellations.