In the currently ongoing project for European Space Agency, SpaceForest designs a low cost highly integrated solid state power amplifier for X-Band.

SpaceForest Solid State Power Amplifie

The device should be able to meet stringent requirements, such as high and very stable output power level in wide temperature range, very high power added efficiency (PAE) etc., while surviving 7 years on a low earth orbit (LEO). The target application are downstream transmitters for e.g. earth observation satellite constellations. The first (currently ongoing) project should lead to obtaining technology readiness level (TRL) 5. The project should end in September 2019. The lifetime of the continuation project should be 2 years, leading to development of a full Engineering Qualified Model (EQM) at TRL 7. The main partner in the project is TESAT SPACECOM GMBH from Backnang/Germany.