Controllable and recoverable suborbital rocket with hybrid engine SF1000 based on eco-logical propellants under activity 1.1 .: R & D projects of enterprises of the Intelligent Development Operational Program 2014-2020 co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund

In October’s competition SF was ranked at the 1st place (along with 4 other companies) gaining 21 out of 23 points.

spaceforest suborbital inexpensive rocketThe project has started in April 2018, thus we are rearranged the research offices and workshop space.

In the upcoming couple of years SpaceForest will be building the first Polish suborbital rocket able to carry up to 50 kg of commercial payload to altitudes up to 150 km.

The 10 meters rocket will be able to provide cost effective platform for micro-g enviroment researches.

Considering the “design to cost” factor, SIR will be attractive for Polish and foreign market as well. It will offer the lowest prices for such services in the world.

Our goal is to develop a fully reusable rocket with minimal preparation time between flights.

The rocket will also be equipped with a controlled recovery system allowing safe landing in a predefined area minimizing the recovery costs and operations.