spaceforest simulations

We offer services of electromagnetic, structural, radiation and thermal simulations of various electronic, microwave and mechanical components and assemblies especially related to satellite applications. All simulations are performed according to technical documentation and requirements provided by client.


We use in-house developed software based on Geant4 Monte-Carlo particle transport code. Its main features are:

  • Calculating total radiation dose of electrical components for a specific space environment,
  • Setting up custom space environment based on mission type (e.g. 15 years on GEO),
  • Loading a CAD model of part or assembly directly to the software,
  • Applying specific material properties for each parts of assembly,
  • Exporting model geometry to GDML format.


Based on analysis results we can suggest design refinements such as spot shielding.

spaceforest analyses

SpaceForest relies on in-house developed or cutting-edge software for design and simulations:

  • Keysight ADS  – Advanced Design System is the industry’s leading electronic design automation software for RF, microwave and signal-integrity applications,
  • CST Microwave Studio  – a software package for designing, simulating and optimizing electromagnetic systems,
  • National Instruments AWR  – Microwave Office is a complete RF and microwave circuit, system, and electromagnetic co-simulation environment,
  • Matlab  – multi-paradigm numerical computing environment and fourth-generation programming language,
  • Altium Designer – PCB Design Software,
  • Autodesk Inventor / Dassault Systemes SolidWorks  –  computer-aided design applications for creating 3D models, technical documentation, visualization, motion analyses of mechanical parts and assemblies,
  • SolidWorks Simulations – a computer-aided application for performing structural and thermal analyses of mechanical parts and assemblies.



We are able to comprehensively analyze electromagnetic problems ranging from very low frequencies up to approximately 26.5 GHz. Our knowledge and experience combined with specialized software and measuring instruments allows us to design, optimize and test RF and microwave devices such as:

  • amplifiers – low noise (LNA), high power (SSPA),
  • oscillators – high tuning range, ultra-low noise (PLDRO),
  • antennas – wrap-around antennas, high gain antennas,
  • passive devices such as couplers, filters, attenuators, also for high powers up to 1 kW.



We use SolidWorks Simulations for all structural analyses of mechanical parts and assemblies. It allows us to perform following analyses:

  • Static
  • Frequency
  • Thermal (excepting fluid dynamics)
  • Buckling
  • Fatigue
  • Nonlinear (static and dynamic)
  • Linear dynamic (harmonic, random vibration)
  • Drop tests
  • Pressure vessel design

Analyses can be performed for different types of materials including metals, plastics, composites etc.

Based on analysis result we can either suggest necessary refinements (geometrical, material) or rebuild the design and optimize it.


spaceforest simulation result


Our laboratory is equipped with necessary measuring devices, such as:

  • vector network analyzers and spectrum analyzers,
  • signal source analyzers,
  • power and electric values measuring equipment,
  • microwave and function generators,
  • oscilloscopes,
  • thermal chamber and many other.

We offer:

  • to verify design assumptions and simulation results by real-life measurements of prototypes,
  • to perform services of commercial measurement and technical consulting.

We use echoless chambers and other advanced laboratory infrastructure in cooperation with Gdańsk University of Technology.



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