SpaceForest is a team of qualified and dedicated professionals who guarantee high  quality performance of projects. We are designers, engineers and programmers with experience in projects for European Space Agency and Space-Tech companies.

We use unique design and simulation software, measuring equipment and machine park which allow us to cope with even the most demanding and sophisticated orders.

We specialize in designing and manufacturing of unique microwave, electronic equipment, as well as antennas.

We are involved in all stages of a project, from the introductory stage, through design and prototyping to small batch production. Our innovative approach include a high power tunable coupler as a part of works on ESS (European Spallation Source) accelerator, to be located in Lund, Sweden.

The coupler, designed, in a very short time, provides a wide range of tuning of the coupling factors and equal coupling factors at two specific frequencies. The coupler meets project requirements in the entire tunable coupling factor range. All materials used in the coupler provide flawless operation in high radiation environment. The structure is completely sealed, with no electric or pressure loss (both electrically and pressure).