Filter Tuning Revolution

Software based on Artificial Intelligence algorithms for manual and automatic microwave filter tuning.

Self-learning capabilities and intuitive interface enables easy adaptation of new filter types applied and generating significant savings of tuning time.

FTS is successfully implemented in the production works where filters for many different applications are manufactured:

  • High power filters used in broadcasting, e.g., DVB,
  • Wireless telecommunication filters: GSM, DCS, UMTS, LTE,
  • Very high frequency singe and multimode filters up to Ka band, including space and military applications

Filter Tuning Software – Manual

Filter Tuning Software – Automatic

Filter Tuning Software – IAFTT

Microstrip Line Measurement Station MLM

The MLM-3 was designed for automatic measurement of field distribution. It allows to observe and understand various field effects that occur along microstrip lines. It is ideal for educational purposes to familiarize the students with the measuring techniques of standing wave ratio (SWR),

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