After successful completion of the first SpaceForest project for European Space Agency (ESA) within Polish Industry Incentive Scheme (PLIIS), a proposal for continuation of the project was accepted. The second PLDRO project named “Development and qualification of frequency generators” started in September 2016. The outcomes of the project should include space-qualified, ultra-low phase noise frequency generators for frequency range of 1-12 GHz. Similarly to the first ESA project, SpaceForest’s partner in the project is RUAG Space AB from Sweden. The project should end in May 2018.

Fig. 1. Frequency generator manufactured in the first PLDRO project.
Fig. 1. Frequency generator manufactured in the first PLDRO project.

The device consists of dielectric or coaxial resonator-based oscillators (depending on operation frequency), components necessary to lock the phase noise, amplifiers, filters and the reference signal generator – OCXO.

In comparison to the first project, the currently designed device should be very compact and light-weight. Additionally, it should meet all project requirements considering harsh conditions of the space environment (temperature variation, mechanical stress, radiation etc.).


The main advantage of the PLDRO device is its excellent phase noise performance in the entire frequency range, indispensable to meet stringent requirements of modern satellite communication.

Fig. 3. Measurement results of the PLDRO device from the first project operating at 12 GHz.