PLDRO generator is going to reach TRL 5 and 6

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Thanks to the PIIS (Polish Industry Inscentive Scheme) programme of the European Space Agency the SpaceForest’s team will be able to proceed with the work on extremely clean frequency generators for satellite applications.

It’s the second SF’s project in ESA, however, this time the devices being evolved by SpaceForest, are supposed to reach 5th and 6th Technical Readiness Level and encompass very wide bandwidth. Along with accomplishment of the TRL 6, we will be just about to begin commercial production of the components able to flight into outer space. Once again our partner will be Swedish company RUAG Space. The kick-off is scheduled for the beginning of September.

For more information about our recent activities for PLDRO (first European Spcace Agency Project) click here…

SpaceForest's partners in PLDRO
SpaceForest’s partners in PLDRO