The Fully autonomous tracking and data transmission system is used to allow for reliable, long-distance data collection from a rocket or other flying objects. The system was developed for the DEWI project and successfully tested during a flight campaign of the Candle 2 rocket.

The system consists of 2 subsystems: the first operating in 868 MHz ISM band used for rocket tracking and maximizing the range of the second subsystem – operating in 2.4 GHz ISM band and used for data transmission. The first system utilizes a one-way transmission, whereas the second system allows a bi-directional data exchange between the rocket and the ground station. The platform can be rotated in two axes – vertical and horizontal, to allow for half-sphere coverage of the system, i.e. to allow tracking within 360 degrees in horizontal plane and 180 degrees in vertical plane.

rocket tracking system spaceforest

During the Candle2 rocket flight campaign, the system showed perfect data transmission efficiency at distances around 10 km using Wi-Fi band. The system is ready to be used with sounding flying objects up to an altitude of 30 km. It is built from easily adaptable and reconfigurable modules which can be adjusted for flights higher than 100 km.