Automated Filter Tuning System

Designed and built by SpaceForest is a fully fledged robotic station ensuring improved efficiency and precision  while reducing tuning time. Since one operator can control several station, the overall cost of tuning is significantly reduced.

System elements

Filter Tuning Manipulator (FTM)

The Filter Tuning Manipulator is Cartesian coordinate robot able to handle up to 4 different tunning heads. Making it a perfect choice for filters equipped with more than one type of tuning element. FTM replacing SCARA robot is more cost effective, providing the same precision & emulating manual tuning.


  • Up to 4 different tuning heads
  • Can handle 4 different types of tuning elements
  • High speed and precision
  • Adjustable filter mounting system
  • Large work area


  • Reduced tuning time
  • High precision positioning
  • Tuning cost reduction
  • Adaptable to different types of filters
  • Highly customizable

3D Projection

How does it work?


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