A flexible filter tuning solution for fully automated tuning of filters with all types of screws (nutted and self-locking). The use of a robot is beneficial for the tuning time and repeatability of the process. One operator can control multiple tuning stations, which reduces costs of filter production in a long term. A customization process for a new filter is also automated, which saves a lot time. Most filters use nut screws for which a tool to lock the nuts is used instead of a screwdriver.  An interesting solution proposed by SpaceForest is a custom-made locking head integrated with FTS,  adjusted to most screws and nuts in microwave filters used on the market.

  • Flexible solution for wide a range of filter types, easily adapted in production environment to handle all types of screws and nuts
  • Automatic torque control in range 0 – 2 Nm
  • More accurate than human manual work
  • Fast and precise device for complicated tuning processes
  • Optional vision system (e.g., for precise head positioning, verification of proper screw deployment and inserting)