SpaceForest provides professional solutions for cellular networks around the globe. We offer diagnostic, test and repair services supported by logistics and spare part management of wireless telecommunication network equipment.

Management and technological processes comply with QUALITY STANDARD – ISO 9001:2008 and Environmental Protection Management System ISO 14001:2004

We specialize in offsite repairs of cellular network equipment of main telecommunication providers. In particular – in all components of cellular network base stations like ERICSSON 3G RBS 6000 NodeB or ALCATEL–LUCENT 3G ALU 9311 NodeB

Our repair work portfolio includes multiple equipment from a variety of manufacturers.

We support:

  • PDH, SDH microwave links
  • KEYMILE UMUX 1500 system
  • GSM Outdoor booster systems
  • Microwave equipment like:
    • LNA
    • TMA
    • RET controllers
    • antennas
  • Power supplies and other electronic devices
  • POWERWAVE GSM Outdoor booster system (MCPA 135 W)

We can expand our portfolio to even the most demanding manufacturers provided, we can negotiate use of appropriate testing environment.

SpaceForest offers:

  • 12 month warranty on all of our repairs
  • Fast response to a service call with a typical turn-around-time of 3 weeks
  • Centralised logistic system
  • Arranging the collection of equipment for repair
  • Stock management
  • Appropriate packing of the returned devices with hermetic packing as an option
  • Storage and distribution repaired devices