Sounding rocket for low altitude flights

  • Payload deployment possibility,
  • Fully recoverable and reusable,
  • Two-way communication link,
  • Powered by a nitrous oxide / paraffine wax (green propellant) hybrid rocket motor for greater reliability and safety,
  • No legal constraints concerning handling, storage and transportation of the rocket,
  • Carbon fiber composite / aluminum alloys lightweight structure,
  • Radio-transparent nosecone for additional communication requirements,
  • Short reset time,
  • Optional canard-type guidance module,

Parameter Value
Gross lift off weight 7 kg
Drymass 6 kg
Total length 2440 mm
Diameter 138 mm
Fin span 378 mm
Max. altitude 1.5 km
Max. velocity 200 m/s (Ma 0.6)
Max. acceleration 80 m/s2
Recovery system Single stage, single parachute, GPS tracker
Communication Bidirectional(869 MHz)
Maneuverability Canard
Recovery to lift off time 30 minutes
Payload bay ø130 mm x 200 mm deployment possible