• bigos4-rocket-team-spceforest

Sounding rocket

for supersonic research flights

  • Fully recoverable and reusable,
  • Two-way communication link,
  • Powered by a nitrous oxide / paraffine wax (green propellant) hybrid rocket motor for greater reliability and safety,
  • No legal constraints concerning handling, storage and transportation of the rocket,
  • Customizable accelerations during flight,
  • Carbon fiber composite / aluminum alloys lightweight structure,
  • Two-stage and two-parachute recovery system for easier recovery,
  • Customizable payload section
  • Radio-transparent nosecone for additional communication requirements,
  • Compatible with SpaceForest RASEL 1 aircraft tracking system,
  • Optional oxidizer pressurization system for improved performance,
  • Optional canard-type guidance module,
  • Optional cold gas thruster guidance module,
  • Optional launch tower and filling system

Parameter Value
Gross lift off weight 100 kg
Dry mass 65 kg
Total length 5500 mm
Diameter 204 mm
Fin span 450 mm
Max. altitude 15 km
Max. velocity 600 m/s (Ma 1.9)
Max. acceleration 80 m/s2
Recovery system Two stage, dual parachute
Communication Bidirectional (869 MHz)
Maneuverability Canard
Recovery to lift off time 72 hours
Payload bay ø190 mm x 200 mm (+500 mm extra)*